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A couple leans in closely to look at their newborn daughter who was just born at Atlanta Birth Center

Why is Birth Photography so Expensive?- A Look Into this Invaluable Investment

Imagine wanting to hire an amazing Atlanta wedding photographer, because great photos are really important to you, right? You seek out several photographers who come highly recommended and sit down to tell them all the details of your upcoming nuptials. Your consultation goes something like this:

Photographer: “When is the date of your wedding?”
You: “I’m not really sure, but I can give you about a two week window of possibility, but it may happen before that date or even after.”
Photographer: “Where are you getting married?”
You: “Well, there will be lots of people coming in and out who may step in front of you, or they may not. The lighting is going to change depending on who is in the room, so you’ll really have to be on your toes.”
Photographer: “How long will you need me there?”
You: “I’m not sure. The whole event might take two minutes or it could take more than an entire day. I’ll need you to be available to capture everything though.”

What do you think this wedding photographer would charge based on this consultation? Would they even take the job? Would they charge 20k or 30k dollars? Probably more.

New mother holds her newborn just after birth. Her husband's hand rests on her sholder

These are the details of how some births go. Hiring a professional birth photographer guarantees that you’re hiring someone who is ready, and will LOVE, to work in these conditions to give you the best birth story possible.

You may be thinking, “Well, why can’t I just hire my mini session photographer who is offering events for only $40?” Anytime someone is offering photography services for super low rates they may be lacking somewhere. Are they a legitimate business? Do they carry business insurance in case it’s needed? Do they have the necessary (and expensive) equipment to shoot a birth in really low light if needed? Do they have the experience to make your photographs amazing and something you will be glad you invested in? Are they experienced to work alongside hospital/birth center/home birth workers in a professional manner? Are you paying them enough for them to afford childcare so they can leave at a moment’s notice to come document your birth for any number of hours?

Birth photography, like wedding photography, is an investment, and of all the days you’d like to look back on, wouldn’t the day you meet your child be one of them? Think of it as not only an investment in your experience, but also in your child’s. What a special gift it would be to show them their first moments as they came into this world and into your heart forever.

If you’re still on the fence about investing in birth photography, ask your potential photographer for references. I’m sure while you talk to a few you will soon hear words and phrases like, invaluable, priceless, and worth every penny. You may even hear from a few who WISH they would have made the investment sooner and who most definitely plan to make it again in the future.

Atlanta Birth Photographer

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