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On the Night You Were Born- Welcome Kimberly Grace by Stephanie C. Photography, South Atlanta Birth Photographer

I had the pleasure of shooting this awesome couple’s maternity session a little over two weeks before I got word that her labor had started. Soon I would head to Piedmont Fayette Hospital (south of Atlanta) as their birth photographer.

She was just a couple days passed her due date, and these first time parents were eager to meet their daughter. I got the text that contractions had begun, and I knew that this mama wanted to go as natural as possible, so I didn’t expect her to hurry off to the hospital. I spent most of that day like any other with my husband and kids, but I knew that I could be called away at any moment, and I was ready to leave no matter when that time might be.

I always like to give my clients space, but I let them know that they can count on me to be there when they need and want me to begin documenting their birth.

Soon a text came saying that they were headed to the hospital to get checked, and then another saying that they were being admitted and she was a three, but a very engaged three!

I went to bed early that night, because I knew I could be, and probably would be, called while everyone else was still asleep. At around 1am I got a text saying she was 5cm, turning off pitocin and resting with an epidural. Part of me thought, “Ok, she will be resting and then they might start pitocin again in the early morning.”

I told myself to go back to bed and get some sleep, but my gut was telling me to get up and get ready to go. Sure enough, within the hour I got another text saying she was 10cm and her water broke. Luckily, I’m not too far from the hospital, so I hurried to get there and made it right in time.

They wanted baby to descend a little bit before pushing started, so Dad rested while Mom and I watched a little HGTV. It brought back memories of when I was induced with my second daughter and spent most of the first night watching the Food Network.

Once pushing started it went a little like this, “Push!” “Rest” “Push” – “Awesome job!”…seriously. This mama was a champ, and her husband was by her side the whole time.

Their daughter made her entrance into the world at 4:44am, and it was truly an amazing moment to see these two become parents for the first time. So much joy, love and amazement filled the room, and I promise everyone could feel it.

This mama was exhausted at the end but so elated that her daughter was finally here. Welcome to the world Kimberly Grace. You are so very loved!

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