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fresh 48 photo of new baby in hostpital bassinet

Fresh 48- What it is and Why it’s so Freaking Adorable

So often when I tell people that I offer Fresh 48 sessions, the initial response is, “What is that?”

A Fresh 48 session takes place in the first 48 hours after a baby is born.

This can take place while baby and family are still in the hospital, or it can take place at home if you’ve had a home birth or birth center birth.

It’s a fantastic time to capture all the little details that will soon change as your baby begins to grow and adjust to life in this big, bright world.

I don’t use props or special outfits during a Fresh 48 (unless requested). This way, you see your baby, and they don’t get lost in a sea of swaddle blankets or hair bows.

I also love capturing new babies meeting their siblings for the first time. It’s so special to feel the love that a family experiences when welcoming its newest member.

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