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If I were to ask you to post your  favorite photo right now, what would it look like? Would it be the one where everyone in your family is looking directly at the camera with perfect smiles plastered on their faces? Would it be the one where someone behind the camera obviously yelled, “CHEESE!” right before taking it? Probably not.

Then why do so many people do it? When taking a photo they say, “Look at me, and say cheese!” Because it’s instinctive after being told to do so numerous times while posing for the camera.  This is why when I have a session with clients I love it when they can just BE themselves.  I’ll take some “look at me and smile” photos for a little while, but once those are out of the way I find that the best photos come when they are least expected.

Often when working with children, these unexpected moments happen when a child is playfully interacting with a parent or sibling.  Sometimes it happens when they have a meltdown and need a reassuring cuddle. Whatever you think makes for a perfect photo is all up to you and what you want to capture.  More than likely, years from now, when you look back on your photos from our session you probably won’t say, “Wow, look how perfect everyone looks!” But you will say, “Wow, this perfectly captures our family!” Through all of the laughs and hugs, chasing kids and silly faces, it’s these kinds of photos that make us feel the most.  And these are the photos and moments that are cherished.

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