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I remember the first photo that I took that showed me how photography was capable of making me say, “Wow.” It wasn’t anything spectacular or jaw dropping, but to me it captured the way the sunlight filtered through the trees perfectly. I was walking along a dirt road behind my old neighborhood in the heavy heat of a humid summer in Georgia when I snapped a photo of the road ahead of me.  The full, green trees were lush and bending in a way that created almost a tunnel along the road.  That photo was a perfect reminder of how much I enjoyed exploring that area and just how beautiful it was on a sunny day. The photo also reminded me of all of the beauty I was capable of seeing outside of the actual moment.  There were details I noticed in the photograph that I hadn’t while out on my walk.

The details are what I want the people who I photograph to remember.  Do you know how cute your kids’ feet are when they’re dirty after playing outside?  Have you noticed how your husband smiles at you when you lean into one of his awesome hugs? What about you? Have you seen how beautiful you are when surrounded by the people you love?

To me, photography gives us the opportunity to expand our memories.  Photographs remind us of these details that we will someday inevitably forget.  It reminds us of moments of happiness, love and laughter.  Some photos might remind us of times that weren’t joyous, but instead were heavy and hard yet real all the same.  Those types of photos can also help us realize that hard times are temporary.  There’s always another brighter day ahead filled with special details just waiting to be captured.